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Tomey Farms


      Tomey Farms has been raising Texas Longhorns in Southern Indiana since 1992. We are proud of our longhorns and how far we have come since starting. We look for several things when it comes to our breeding program. Conformation, color, disposition, and horn just to name a few. At Tomey Farms we raise our cattle to be easily managed when working the pastures so our customers can feel confident about handling the cattle they purchase from us. Please take a look around our site, not all of our cattle are listed so, please contact us if you are interested in purchasing a Longhorn and we can pair you up with what you are looking for. Thank you for your interest in Tomey Farms.

Some pictures used in this website were not taken by us alone, we got some of our pictures from Hired Hand website, ITLA website, DCC Longhorns website, and Courtney Tomey.

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