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Tux's scarlett

DOB: 6-15-2020

Sire: Tuxedo

Dam: Rio Lindsey 

Price: $3,200

Exposed to Annex's Titan for a Summer 2023 calf

annexs titan 2023.jpg

Annex's Titan
Annex X Devils Spice 

Tux's Scarlett - Wow! Look at the speckled color on this young heifer. We've got her bred to Annex's Titan which loads color on color and horn on horn. The calf she is carrying will pay for the cow alone. But you've got to act fast if she has a heifer as pretty as her she won't be leaving the farm. She is going to have a beautiful low roll to her horns just like her mother. 

Tux's Scarlett Pedigree.jpg
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