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highlight's ruby

DOB: 05/02/2016

Sire: Highlight

Dam: Ruby Stone

For Sale: $3,500

Exposed to Tuxedo from 6/22/22-12/21/22



Cowboy Tuff Chex X Sweet Jubilee 

Highlight's Ruby - Brindle and twist it doesn't get much better than this. Ruby is a gorgeous daughter of a bull we had named Highlight's Affair (a son of Tibbs) who unfortunately passed at age 3 from an accident. We got just a few daughters from his one breeding season and this is one of them. We love the color and horn shape of this cow. She is a perfect example of what a longhorn should look like in every way from her conformation to her color, mothering ability, and we can't forget her horns. She is right at 70" tip to tip and continues to roll and twist. We are keeping her 2020 heifer sired by Tuxedo as her replacement and she is bred back the same way. Take advantage of adding this awesome cow to your herd before we change our minds. 

Highlights Ruby Pedigree.png


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